holiday party

Alternative Holiday Celebrations That Will Delight Your Team

How times have changed. For some professional organizations, the big holiday party no longer has the same appeal as it…

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toxic office

Does a Toxic Office Environment Impact Your Bottom Line?

Studies have demonstrated that office culture and the relationships developed between staff play a major role in job satisfaction and…

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Hiring ETS OBGYN vs. a Broker to Find a Buyer for Your Practice

We’ve told you how best to prepare for the sale of your practice and hope that the processes we’ve outlined…

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for sale

Expectations When Considering the Sale of Your OBGYN Practice

When you know, you know. If you have been a practice owner for a significant period of time, you may…

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Modernize Employee Review Practices Infographic

Infographic: How to Modernize Your Employee Review Practices

In today’s lean, fast-changing world, traditional business practices are being shaken up. One business practice that many companies are revisiting…

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So Your New Associate Isn’t Working Out

You took your time. You analyzed the business. You performed a thorough search. And you hired a new associate all…

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