Pregnant woman watching her baby
Pregnant woman watching her baby

OBGYN careers

Whether you are an experienced obstetrician or gynecologist or have newly earned your doctorate, the OBGYN-focused recruitment team at ETS OBGYN finds the opportunities you need to optimize your career development trajectory. We work with obstetricians, gynecologists and other OBGYN-specific medical practitioners, getting to know you as a professional and as a person so we can better identify those opportunities in private practices and facilities throughout the United States that match your professional goals. Every action we take for you is to enable your ideal work-life balance.

We are experts in identifying great opportunities for you and conducting a search in a highly confidential and discrete way. We ensure the options you pursue are worthy of your skills and appropriate to your goals. We also can assist you with other data in comparing positions, such as the cost of living and community assets in markets you may be considering.

Imagine having someone focused on finding you the ideal opportunity for your personal and professional preferences. It's just a call or an email away.

Working with ETS Recruit

ETS OBGYN provides physicians and professionals with…

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Real OBGYN expertise and consultation.

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Advocacy enabled by total transparency and confidentiality.

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Access to positions across the country in communities that want and need your skills and services.


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OBGYN careers that are personally and professionally fulfilling.