Active Listening Equals Quality Recruiting

active listening

You have options when it comes to recruiters. ETS OBGYN is just one of several professional recruitment companies to choose from. The question is, how do you decide who is the right recruiter for you?   The answer comes down to listening. It’s vital that a recruiter be actively listening to you and responding accordingly…

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How to Avoid Costly Mis-hires


A mis-hire in any industry or business can be annoying at best and expensive at worst. In a small OBGYN practice with limited employees, a mis-hire can be detrimental. The investment of both time and money that goes into hiring a new staff member, associate, or partner is significant. When that investment doesn’t pay the…

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Interviewing Tips: By Phone, In Person, or by Video

Phone, In-Person and Video

As you prepare for an interview, it is important to consider the interview type as much as the interview questions. Phone, in-person, or video interviews all have nuances that you should be aware of as you approach each scenario. Not surprisingly, most practices will conduct an initial phone interview first. If that goes well, a…

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